The next generation of SMS Marketing (5G RCMS)

Get more in a new simple way.

Create a unique customer experience and driving customer journey to the next level with 5G RCMS.

What you can do with 5G RCMS:

Improving customer engagement

Cultivating customer loyalty

Building brand recognition

Creating a direct marketing channel

What is 5G RCMS?

5G RCMS is a Rich Communication Services (RCS) based message marketing solution, enable marketers to deliver branded, interactive mobile experiences that improve and empower how people and businesses communicate.

0 %
Average open rate of SMS message
0 %
Messages are read within 3 minutes
0 %
Consumers are more likely to engage with a brand through RCS
0 X
Consumers are more likely to read 5G RCMS messages than emails

Take Your Company To Next Level With RCMS

Boosting customer experience through RCMS interactive mobile experience enables brands to engage customers and reach new audiences.

Verified Sender ID

Rapid Brand spreading with customized Numeric/Alpha sender ID

More Secure

Wade off the potential scammers or hackers from using your brand name to send out RCMS messages.

Rich Content

Support Text, High-res Photos, Audio, Video, etc. 

Engage more customers than ever

High Delivery & Open Rate

5s delivery time, 99% Handset Support

Reach & attract more potential customers

Mega Capacity

Support up to 1.9 MB file size

More Creativity

Capable to contains 30-45 seconds of high-res video, up to 5 high-res photos, or a million
words text content

Support URL Tracking

Measure the impact of your digital marketing campaigns on leads, sales, and overall business growth.

Unlock more insights

Easy Retrieval

All information is safely stored in the messaging app

Message can be reviewed at anytime, anywhere

Want to Re-Engage Your Existing Customers for More Business

5G RCMS competitive price as low as

Need Precision Message Marketing to Get New Customers

Target customers based on location, unique characteristics & specific interests etc.